Getting Started on Admin Ski Racing

Step 1: Create an Account

Using the website link on the front page, create your account and you will be sent an email. You must verify your account information before you can proceed. 

Step 2: Add A Participant

When you verify your account information via the email, you will be redirected to your Participants page. Here you will start by adding your Participants.  If you are a USSA member, you can add your USSA and FIS numbers using the USSA Members  option.  If you are not a USSA member, you will add your FIS number using the FIS Members option. 

Step 3: Register for Races

Once your Participants have been created, you can follow the link to Race Signup, where you will see the options to register your Participants for races they are eligible for. You will select the race, add to cart, and checkout!

If you have any questions about a specific race or what qualifications your Participant will need to meet in order to qualify for a race, contact the Race Administrator, who will be located on the Host Site Information by clicking the name of the Host Site.  

 For more detailed instructions, see the How to Create an Account page.